You know we like a good barn wedding, but that one takes the wedding cake!

From their rustic-chic ceremony to the fun cocktail hour snacks, this really is one celebration we're in love with.

How have you two met?

My closest friend grew up with David (my hubby) and hang us up!

Details around the proposal!

David and I had already decided we desired to get married and that we both wanted a brief engagement. Because we wanted a brief engagement, I knew I would have to start taking a look at venues before we officially got engaged given that they book up fast. I was thinking about meeting my wedding coordinator to look at "the barn at shady lane" among the venues on my small list. I walked up towards the barn and opened the barn doors.

To my surprise, it had not been my wedding coordinator standing there but David encompassed by dozens of candles and flowers. I was so shocked! He began reading instructions he wrote to inform me just how much he loved me and why he desired to marry me. Shortly after, David got on a single knee and inquired about marrying him! With no hesitation, I said yes! Click

Location, location, location! How have you chosen your venue? What type of venue had you been looking for?

I knew I wanted some other wedding. After taking a look at lots of venues, I decided on "Rockhurst Farms". It was precisely what I wanted; a large open field for that Ceremony, another open field around the other side for my checkered party area, and two big trees where we're able to string market lights, as well as an open pavilion for the food!

Who designed your beautiful gown? Where have you got it?

FeelTimes designed my bohemian wedding dress and I loved it. I had never witnessed a wedding dress like that one and it perfectly fit the boho type of my wedding.

Describe the marriage. The look, theme, style, colors, etc.

My wedding was "Organic / Boho". I had plenty of ivory and greenery.

Tell us about your bridesmaid's dresses!

The reason I opted for the FeelTimes collection was that I loved the boho look and I wanted my bridesmaids to choose their own type of dress to ensure that everyone felt beautiful and comfy.

My favorite memory during the day!

David and I always had this thing where among us would squeeze another one hand 3 times to say "I Love You" and another one would squeeze back four times to express "I Love You Too". During our Wedding Ceremony, we had this moment in which the preacher was talking and David and I were taking a look at each other. David squeezed my hand three times and I squeezed his back four times. It was so special because nobody in the crowd knew relating to this special exchange. This was among the preferred moments that only David and I shared!

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