You need to capture a flag and hold/defend it.

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God Bows: Perhaps they could make god bows. So when you reach 60 you've got more bows to chose from anyhow dark bow. Some examples..Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix. And RuneScape gold maybe they can add crossbows too... Poison Whips. Maybe a whip that does toxin together with the normal whip damage. Battle of (Jagex creates the name)

You need to capture a flag and hold/defend it. Although you're holding the flag you receive resources. These tools can go up by 10s and first to reach 1000 or 2000 or 3000 whatever wins. Obviously the team who are controlling more places get funds faster. Both sides begin at bases. When the battle starts everyone runs to capture the flags.

And you have to kill the flag holder for this place to be contested . IF your flag holder will not die then you have to wait 2 minutes for either side to catch it. In that time they'll be mainly killing each other. And they will also have bandages to heal and no head bits or cloaks/capes to be worn. You struggle for tokens that are traded for xp or armour/weapons.

Weapon Effects: Add weapon effects to some weapons such as a god sword with lightning flashing around it, or weapons which glow different colors. Must have completed a quest and levels to possess them though. So yeah thats themlet me know in case you have trouble understanding or have queries on them. Thanks.I'm not really happy with the way this came out, and I am also well aware that name for the armor is idiotic. I'm still trying to come up with a better name for it. Allow me to know if you have any suggestions to enhance the quest. Start: Speak to King Vargas in his castle in Miscellania. Quests: Royal Trouble and Merlin's Crystal. You should have also finished the Pirate Pete section of Recipe for Disaster.

Prerequisites: You need to have the ability to defeat a level 250 and level 200 creature. Speak to King Vargas and inquire if he has some jobs for you. Apparently the king had been working on some type of creature - and experiment, of sorts - to use as a castle protector, because apparently there have been a lot of cheap RS gold recent Troll strikes and his knights are barely able to defeat them. Inform him that it is possible to help him and he will inform you that General Willus is in control of the project and can let you know what supplies you need to produce the monster.


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