Although it's likely to be much more efficient

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In 2005, the majority of servers were split 60/40 Alliance. What's the reason? I think the reason was because the player base at the time was less shrewd and casual (aka was more interested in the fantasy of characters than analyzing meta-games for pvp). The players favored alliance due to it being more relatable, and they desired heroes like the ones in Lord of the Rings. It was much easier to be an unnatural "bad guy" or zombie than to Burning Crusade Classic Gold desire to be that. The Will of the Forsaken game was huge and horde was focused on pvp. It wasn't an issue. While it was widely known that horde was more powerful in PVP racials but it wasn't really a big deal.

Although it's likely to be much more efficient with TBC and other areas, the old-fashioned leveling system and PvP in open worlds was an issue for Alliance on the PVP server. There's no reason for meta players (majority however, not all) to join Alliance in horde-vs.-horde queues.

This is an insult to my time and effort spent on alliance players on servers. This will result in the dominance of hordes on all pvp realms. The alliance will be impossible in an open world. This is evident from the classicwow subreddits' reactions. Wow is gone and the playerbase is a complete waste of time.
Developers and players transform classic into retail and for example.

Don't take it on. It is possible that you'll continue to play your character in Classic however, you will not. This is particularly the case if you've completed Naxxramas. You are able to start again with a new character if you want to play Vanilla. It's much more fun and rewarding.

The players who would like to finish the max, but do not have the resources to achieve it at present, either with modifications to tbc or staying in the classic. They can join new guilds and begin raiding nax starting from scratch by creating a new raid. They'll need to buy an cloning service should they want to play tbc. Since the original wow community has gone and the cloning service is no longer available, it should be completely free.

Every server currently being used will be upgraded into buy WOW TBC Classic Gold TBC servers. You can open new Vanilla versions of these servers. You can choose to activating your character on the Vanilla or TBC version. You'll need to pay if you wish to activate the same character on both.


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