Madden 22 will make a difference. Away teams

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It's 2021 now, and EA is now fully settled in to the PS5 as Madden 22 coins well as Xbox Series X, allowing the team to begin weaving some more ambitious changes into Madden 22. Homefield advantage is a key element that has been neglected in the past. Madden is able to reproduce the look and feel of stadiums like Seattle's Lumen Field. However, this has not translated into actual gameplay.

Madden 22 will make a difference. Away teams that have to play in stadiums such as Lumen Field, which are notoriously difficult, will soon have their playart moving dangerously while keeping some of the receiver buttons hidden. EA calls these options "M-Factors", which are a unique benefit that every team in the league can benefit from depending on the speed of the game. Even the Chargers who are known for having more away fans than home supporters in their stands, can gain an advantage offensively when they're playing particularly well at home.

This might be familiar since NCAA Football 14 featured a similar thing in 2013. A stadium similar to Alabama might even yield the same wriggling gameart. Clint Oldenburg, Gameplay producer recognized these similarities at the briefing of EA this week. "It is rooted in NCAA Football, for certain however, it's been modernized." One of the main elements of feedback we received in NCAA Football was that it was a little ambiguous and didn't make it clear when you had to unlock certain features, so that's what we really attacked with Gameday Momentum."

Gameday Momentum refers to a gauge that can swing to one side or another depending on the momentum of the game. There are benefits being available to the home team when they are doing very well. For instance there is the Seahawks have three levels of homefield advantage. There's Unstoppable, which affects playart and 12's. This stop home team players from being knocked out their X-Factor, Superstar abilities, and Nerves, which leads to the receiver icons getting hidden. The homefield advantage is different from one team to the next. In Denver, stamina is an issue however in Chicago, kicking meters are skewed (cue visions of Double Doink).

It's a great upgrade to Madden NFL and will make home games feel more meaningful. Its main risk is that it could begin to feel gimmicky, and that the benefits offered through homefield advantage could mean that more games will get over the top quickly (just as in real life but I'll get back to it later). However the M-Factors system is built upon the tested XFactor system. Similar balance issues emerged as XFactors were cheap Madden nfl 22 coins first introduced in Madden 20. However, Madden has maintained them under control.


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