Second Note: I have proof that I am able to pay

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After asking for help for over eight hours, I was fortunate to find two people who were willing to help me. After OSRS gold eight hours of seeking assistance, I was able to find 2 people who were kind enough to help me. Note: I purchased yesterday 3M worth Green D'Hide corps for the exact same reason, and it went well.

Second Note: I have proof that I am able to pay for the expenses with over 6M cash and nature runes. I also have an Santa Hat which I have been lending free for 24 hours to Sals CC users while I wasn’t playing RuneScape. Sals, what happened? What happened to Sals?

Runescape is full of forgotten locations, as many of you already know. It could be because it hasn’t had a graphical update in a while, or it might simply be because it doesn't have anything to do with it. Issues like cities or places which aren't big enough to have a significant impact, or those that are just weird, can be an issue.

This article is designed to stimulate thought and gather ideas about how to fix it. Let's start with Burthorpe. It is an important Asgarnia town, but it was forgotten and left to rot for years.

Burthorpe, once Asgarnia’s capital, was a place in which the King was sick. I have a message for you. It's not very impressive. There is no wall aside from the castle. This makes it vulnerable to a troll attack. Additionally, the castle wall on the side where they would attack is broken. The scaffolding is there however it's not being repaired or protected by guards. This is insane! It is also incredibly boring, dull, and inaccessible since the city has not been painted.

Now imagine a great city that is bigger than Falador. There are huge walls surrounding the gates and rooms for guards who are able to make tea or rest in these tiny rooms. The castle could be buy RS gold tall and thick with a sturdy tower at each corner, each packed with rooms of importance.


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