Given the way that pets have changed between KR and NA editions

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This feature is available on the KR version of Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark and might not be available in the version for the EU/NA version. This article will be updated once we've more details on this particular mechanic.

The Korean client client, powerfulholds can eventually access a pet ranch that allows you to turn excess pets into farmers for resources. You can choose the maximum of four pets to join your ranch and work and create cookies over time. These cookies can be traded with a vendor who can enhance your pets' abilities or purchase new pets completely. Given the way that pets have changed between KR and NA editions from Lost Ark, this system isn't as effective when it comes to carrying across between versions.

Lost Ark is the latest MMO to hit the gaming scene with thousands of players eagerly embracing the exciting new title. The game will officially launch on Feb. 11, however, players are already enjoying it having early access.

One of the most common issues players encounter buy Lost Ark Gold is having too many items that they have in their inventory. This can stop players from carrying valuable objects they encounter on their adventures. Certain items are worthy of keeping and dropping them is something everyone wants to avoid.


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