If there's a further example of how TLEs affect

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Although I'm aware that EQ2 may not be the aion classic kinah buying most popular MMO like WoW, and it never been, I'm feeling the same vibes emanating from WoW's community. I'm also convinced that Asmon's position on classic and live indicates that the two games might be on the same path. Classic could be becoming the kind of TLE which begins with a great start and everyone is giddy about nostalgia, but later it gets boring as the community realizes that they don't have the same excitement as they once had.

If there's a further example of how TLEs affect the player base of a game, one can also look at Archage's attempts to do so, and now even Aion is trying to reintroduce players who enjoyed the original vanilla of the game.

It is fascinating to look at how Classic is different from TLEs of Everquest or releases of Archage and Aion however, if the past does repeat itself the TLEs in EQ2 die out quickly and the more expansions released, the less excitement there is for the expansion itself. This is reserved for people who have been playing for a long time and aren't the bright light of the community.

DayBreak, which is also in charge of EQ2, doesn't really care as much about WoW players (aka micro transactions and p2w mechanics, etc.) and is using it more as a way at attracting new and old players to a game that has many issues on live, and is often stricken by numbers and mechanic bloat.

I'm not sure what the maximum is but I'm playing on Siel server at Aion Classic and it's super full day and night (I'm NA East). It's an amazing experience and is a thriving community by EU and NA players. I would suggest joining us. :)

I decided not to join after more research due to the company behind Aion. It's not a good idea to catch up , as im not a whale. In fact, before I can even imagine doing so, the game is going to end in death, most likely.

Asmodians also grief the Elyos frequently in Heiron, Some go so far as to gank people farming Aether over the gate...Some are able to gank you when you are low on health due to buy aion classic kinah mobs that pve you, or when you're fighting mobs. You wouldn't want to lose an advantage , even if it was yours.


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