Too diluted even for a noob. It seemed to them that they were

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I'm not disagreeing with their reasoning for wanting to WOW TBC Gold make changes to their tree of talents (too generic many people just went online using that build and it was because abilities like 1% increase damage to targets isn't "exciting") but then they removed them and replaced them with other options that... ended in being cookie-cutter or mandatory to make the spec be pleasant and feel even more restrictive.

Too diluted even for a noob. It seemed to them that they were looking to draw more non-professional players. As a player who isn't a professional, I could say they failed by dumbing down one of the most efficient techniques of the game.

I'm of the opinion that this is a non-win situation for developers. Some gamers (like you) are hooked on the false feeling of agency, mastery and unique identity that you gained by putting points into exactly those same areas in the same order as everybody else. They feel sad, confused and restricted if you narrow it down to just viable, balanced choices with no proper solution.

Talents were a terrible mechanic. People who were smart searched for the most levelling spec and then followed it in a haze. Casuals and beginners were sucked into the system. The smart people researched the best raiding specs and then slavishly followed it. casuals and noobs were and again screwed. Raids with abso-fuckingly the same warriors and warlocks as well as mages, and rogues, all adhering to the same BiS sets and using identical rotations, resulted in raids that had identical specs. There's no homogeneity all over the world and there are a million ways to fool up and be branded a noob by all the other players. You will have to pay a tax to fix it.

Yes, you're able get a false sense of power and competence when you place your fourth skill in "Do +1 percent more" or your thirty-first talent in "This should have been a baked-in level forty capability". It's just a lie. It's not really developing a skill or mastering anything more complicated than a five year old's book of cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold stickers. (But it's also true that I suspect that a lot of Classic's most fervent members are the kind of people who bolster their self-esteem by thinking that winning a 15 year old solved game through playing kids' sticker-book-style minigames make them a ferocious gaming god.)


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