3.3.5 emulators are definitely not less when it comes

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There is a lot of custom servers that launch and their popularity never increases. My opinion is that they launch with very small content. I can assure you that servers would be launched when WOW TBC Gold it announced its existence after having put in the work.

3.3.5 emulators are definitely not less when it comes to quality , compared to 1.12.1 emulators. I don't know where you have this information from. Trinitycore boasts 34k commits in comparison to 4,8k with vmangos. TrinityCore is much more sophisticated in terms both quality and stability + you have a ton of options for tools that aren't compatible with 1.12.1 emulators.

VMaNGOS ' strength is the fact that it has work to put into while used to run Nostalrius as well as Light's Hope. There are a myriad of issues, instabilities, exploits and similar issues that are difficult to predict and only show up on high populace servers. That's VMaNGOS advantage. It is scalable, as its primary use cases have been high-pop vanilla servers. It does one thing well and does it exceptionally well as vanilla. Darrowshire is an excellent example of this.Recently they have also integrated the Warden anticheat

This has been said previously, but I'll attempt to make it more interesting. If you're doing this to have pleasure, then you should do it. If you're doing it for fun, then the program you select is merely your choice. The WotLK client would be better due to the fact that it offers a wealth of new things to play with and the content is mostly identical with regards to things like skills and talents.

If you're tackling this massive project with the idea in your mind of having a large number of players, then you're simply wasting your time. These players don't want to play on custom servers. Even if they did but their insatiable desire for new updates would render your server obsolete in just three months.

Thank you for participating in this discussion. I hadn't anticipated to get so many responses, but what is certain is that I will study every one of them with the highest interest. It is difficult to decide between Azerothcore or another emulator to manage this project. I would like it to align with my ideals. While I'm not sure to make a decision, I will keep this issue open for you to know my decision.

Wotlk clients are my favorite client for playing, simply because of their playing ability. Wotlk is much easier to use because it is less demanding on requirement for level mounts and cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold also because it is faster to level.


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