Siel is a crowded server and I've heard the leveling

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It's all dependent on the level of comfort you have with aion classic kinah grinding. I'm guessing by playing classic you'd be ok with it. I loved aion when I played it in 2009 so when they had classic I was all for it. Think of it less like a game you pay for and more of an subscription to an mmo which you have the option of a monthly subscription. Don't purchase the extra daeva pass.

Siel is a crowded server and I've heard the leveling on there is horrible due to the ganking. It's not hard to level on another server. I can be reached via PM if you have questions, I'll be happy to answer.

This month, I decided to quit the classic. The game isn't one to be savaged however, it is the sheer quantity of bots. It's difficult to enjoy the game in a world with numerous bots around you. Also goldsellers are so damn annoying and nc soft wont bother to do anything about it..

It's their decision. If I were cheating, you'd think I'd be running around with my level 22 Cleric to increase my level of gathering, buffing other people while taking on the Manduri quests and so on. I'm not going to blame you for not being able to believe me. I would, too. However, what I'm saying is 100% accurate. I'm not even using Shugo Console!

Finally, someone told me the reason I was barred. Beware, people. Running SteelRake as well as completing the HairPin quest could result in you being exiled if it's submitted repeatedly. That's exactly what I was doing , along with everyone else that was part of the LFG group I was part of. It was our plan to kill mobs, get the 12 hairpins, go into the Shugo to begin the next step into our quest. Then, we would return in Steel Rake and continue in the same manner. That's how I and a lot of other players, did in 2009 when the game first came out. I had no idea that this was an exploit! I then contacted them, asking if this was an exploit or a false negative from their side. According to me, this is not an exploit but appears to be a deliberate decision? Be cautious if you do this with the hairpin hunt.

This is insane. There were groups of lfg that were crazy just posting for hairpin quest groups. It's likely that many of those banned knew that this was a problem. You didn't have to manipulate the game in any way. Instead of prohibiting 15% of their players, why not rectify the problem? I'm happy I didn't join any of these groups since I was busy with farming apps.

Your account was found to be in violation of the Rules of buy aion classic kinah eu Conduct and the User Agreement. This was confirmed by the usage of an exploit within Steel Rake. This is confirmed via reports and the game logs.


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