If they're the first I'm okay with. I managed my own SP

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If I'm forming a group to collect a particular item and have put WOW TBC Gold together the tank and healer together... why in the world would I take a competing DPS? The item must drop, and I must win an item with a coin. DPS are a dime a dozen.

If they're the first I'm okay with. I managed my own SP group 11 days in a row in order to get the trinket dropped and made sure that each time the other two dps didn't require it. Many of them wanted leather legs or to simply turn their attune. It's not a good idea expect them to share the news with youabout it, or worse, to tell the boss. In the end, they'll increase the risk by having their friends roll on it and then trade the attune with them.

As someone who has a complete bis Rogue alt farming bis gear was extremely difficult. Between the time I was 70 my mage had half bis. It's easy to create tailoring gear. Kara has nearly all of the same items, while my mage had to utilize gear from Prince as I reached the age of 70. Rogue isn't as easy to raid as, compared to my mage and ele shaman. The combopoint -, uptimecooldown-, combopoint-, and energy management between dps and imp ea can be a bit rough when compared to blasting bolts, and but doing much less damage.

Not really a lot left over, there is nothing more than a "rogues are trash" meme that people accept it as fact. In most of my Dungeons, I fight for the highest the dps. There is like 1 part of the content that I am not capable of competing with, and everybody slams rogues.

Also, they have a tough finding a way to join raids since raids only require 1 when they have the physical dps to be able to support it. Even if they get in, they will need to spec into better expose armour. This is basically a boost that the player must spec. That means you need to respec each time you wanna raid/pvp

All the utility they have is available from a different class that does more the damage than them. In addition to being the best choice for PvP, there are a lot of rogues in a position to pvp but not being able to pve. The reason is that a rogue's bis-pvp weapon requires a great deal of equipment to pve, so if you're not "the guild raid rogue that is set to get warglaives" You'll have difficulty pvping, as everyone will gear up your character.

In pve at the current moment , a newly 70 mage is able to press 1 button, and, if they are not out of dps and at a minimum compete with a geared rogue in dps. Alongside water and cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold food for the team, buffing is also suggested. Aoe is also a must.


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