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Rocket League is a game that is extremely competitive

Rocket League is a game that is extremely competitive. There is absolutely no doubt about it. It#39;s often the smallest details that make the biggest difference, and one thing that many people overlook when they first start playing the game is the ability to change their settings. Certain configuration options are beneficial, while others are detrimental. In this article, I#39;ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to all of the in-game options available in free Rocket League items.The Fundamental PreferencesPlaying games is the first of the tabs that we have available. For the time being, we will ignore it and proceed to the Camera tab. As I mentioned in the introduction, I have played around with a variety of camera settings. Current configurations consist of what I consider to be the most balanced options. I use the term quot;balancedquot; to describe the ability to perform aerial and ground mechanics tasks without difficulty. It doesn#39;t help you do either one any better, but it also doesn#39;t hurt you any worse.First and foremost, let#39;s get this over with. Camera Shake should be turned off. This is a neat little feature that causes your camera to shake whenever you jump, flip, get demoted, or do anything else. However, despite the fact that it appears to be fun, it can actually cause motion sickness as well as distort your vision due to the shaking screen. So please, do yourself a favor and turn it off immediately.Then there#39;s the concept of Field of View. This value will be set to 90 degrees by default, unless otherwise specified. You will have the most accurate depth perception if you do this. However, you will be unable to see a significant portion of the field as a result of this.I recommend setting it to the maximum temperature of 110 degrees. If you can get used to the stretched effect, you can use the additional 20 degrees to see more of the field by adjusting your viewing angle.It is not necessary to have an ultra wide monitor in order to avoid this stretched effect. However, this does not imply that you require a monitor of this nature. The vast majority of professionals and players in general will have a standard monitor and will be perfectly content. It does not make a significant difference.Then there#39;s the issue of distance. I recommend that you keep it between 260 and 280. Keeping the camera close to your car will allow you to see where you are hitting the ball while also allowing you to see around your vehicle.You#39;ll want to choose something that is not too low to the ground, but also not too high, when it comes to height. I recommend that you keep it between 90 and 110.After that, we have Angle, which is directly proportional to height. Angle, in its most basic definition, is the angle at which the camera is tilted. The greater the negative number, the greater the likelihood that it will tilt downward. If it tilts down too far, it will make it difficult to perform aerial maneuvers, and if it tilts up too far, it will make it difficult to perform ground mechanics.You want to choose an angle that complements the height of the object, so I recommend keeping it between -5 and -3 degrees. Then there#39;s the issue of stiffness. This demonstrates how rigidly the camera follows behind the Rocket League credits in this scene. If possible, I recommend keeping this somewhere in the middle so that the camera isn#39;t glued to your car, but it isn#39;t dragged behind it, either.0.50 is acceptable. With regard to the final three settings, Swivel Speed determines how quickly the camera will swivel behind the vehicle. It also has an effect on the sensitivity of the right analogue stick, as previously stated. I usually keep it around 5.00 because it#39;s not too fast or too slow at the same time. The speed at which the camera switches between ball-cam and  https://www.rocketprices.com/ buy Rocket League items-cam is referred to as the transition speed. I recommend that you do not go higher than 1.5, but the default value of 1.0 is fine. Personally, I prefer 1.2 because it is not too fast or too slow, but just right. https://twitter.com/Spacestation/status/1443259526879141889  https://twitter.com/GhostGaming/status/1443260030065676288  https://twitter.com/RocketLeague/status/1441459484220555265  https://twitter.com/fluumpy90/status/1440404385561907203  https://twitter.com/TeamVitality/status/1442452238845235200 


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