Concerns that esports might been a fringe concept

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However, companies must be aware of the Nba 2k22 Mt dangers that come with entering a brand new industry such as Esports. It was once pointed out to by Andre Iguodala, a former Golden State Warrior who is now a prominent tech entrepreneur and ex-Golden State Warrior. For the NBA it was a risk worth taking. Donohue declares, "It's in 2K's DNA to be creative." He also explains that NBA owners "realize the future and this will continue to grow." And so I think it could have been a bigger risk not doing it and then actually doing it."

Concerns that esports might been a fringe concept, engaging gamers who are hardcore, but with limited commercial appeal beyond which, has been proven to be unfounded. Forbes announced last year that global revenues from esports could exceed $1.1bn in 2019.

"Even during the last three years, the three seasons, my conversations differ significantly from the way they were before the league began because it's simply more normal, and it's not that unusual;" Donohue emphasizes. As Warriors Assistant General Manager Kirk Lacob recently told me Esports are "absolutely starting to mature".

Donohue describes the advantages of a league operated from the NBA office in regards to inviting partners. "The advantage of having the NBA 2K brand, is that we've built amazing relationships with many of the partners we work with, so we are able to help them and navigate eSports. We can also help them understand the best ways to utilize eSports to help build their brands."

Another benefit companies that with the NBA 2K League has, is that the sport is a game that's well-known. "While the esports arena can be quite challenging to consumers, at times it's very welcoming and players don't have to watch our games. If your basketball knowledge is good, you'll enjoy it," Donohue highlights.

It's also typical to find advertisements in the game. "It's entirely normal to sit and watch basketball games and observe courtside signage and to see brands integrated into the buy 2k22 mt experience such as this, it'd be more strange to not be able to see it." According to Donohue, the game is out, it permits partners "to be a part of the virtual experience."


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